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I was tagged by @kpopandkimchi to recast Boys Over Flowers... Better late than never.
Jandi would be me because I said so.
Gaeul would be Gong Hyo Jin because I absolutely love her and I said so.
Woobin would be Tablo because his crazy would blend in with the rest of the crazy.
Yi Jung would be Jang Woo Hyuk because I needed an excuse to use this picture.
Jihoo would be Park Jungmin because I do imagine Jungmin and I would be close and he was by bias right before i realized how amazing Heo Youngsaeng was.
And my leading man Junpyo would be Heo Youngsaeng (you saw it coming.)
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@AimeeH excited!
@Taijiotter yes! I'll tag you in my card! I'm excited!
@AimeeH yay!
I love love love Tablo in that role and Jungmin is so preciouuuuuus
@kpopandkimchi He kind of balances things out while contributing to the chaos. I love Jungmin so much! He doesn't get enough attention at all.