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"I look at you and I can see it in your face. You think you hide it, but I see you.... I see the hurt, the dark circles beneath your eyes... and the quiet plea dancing on your bottom lip too afraid to be voiced... too afraid to be heard, because you’re too afraid to be hurt.... And I just want to take you and wrap you up in my arms, hold you, console you, tell you things that you’ll believe, but you don’t seem to believe anything anymore, because you have been deceived far to many times... So ill just look at you and see the pain in your fake smile, and I’ll smile back. And I’ll hear the attempted deception when you tell me that you’re just tired and I’ll say, "me too..." I know you’re broken inside, I can see it in your face violets are blue, and so are you." (Poem: Violets Are Blue and So Are You Author: Madisen Kuhn) It's... Frustratingly understandable when to introverted, hurt people start getting close to each other. Neither wants to dedicate or show any sign of wanting to be with the other without knowing 100% that the other person wants it too. People like the two of us are good at never taking risks and backing away to ensure that nothing happens, so we don't get hurt anymore. Thus, the struggle. I think it's safe to say, that after years of knowing each other, and seeing/telling each other our flaws and thoughts and past, that she's the absolute best person for me.... And that I trust and love her. I know what I should do. But.... Lol
@Arellano1052 I totally get it. I hate opening up and being vulnerable, because the fear of getting rejected is just so huge and crushing... But if you guys are as perfect for each other as you think you are, then there's only one thing to do. If neither of you ever takes the first step, something amazing could be lost! So maybe start to feel her out a little bit, see if she maybe feels the same way :) you can do it!
@allischaaff I already am vulnerably open to her haha Which is why I'm backing off, in all honesty. Quite a bit has happened and is going to happen since I posted this yesterday, and its convinced me that I shouldn't go for anything. I'm content with our friendship and I shouldn't push anything. If anything happens throughout the next few months, yes, I'll go for it. But I think the timing is off right now.