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1. katie russell 2. west jordan UTAH 3.fangirl 4.bigbang, vixx, got7, tablo 5. choi seung hyun-TOP <3 6. we like 2 party-bg & error-vixx 7. boys over flowers, love rain, beautiful man, coffe prince, flower boy next door, gu family book, and many more i also loveto watch Japanese dramas Taiwan dramas ^-^ i love dramas
yay!! I have never been tagged in anything hah lol XD 1. Amanda 2. North Carolina 3. Fangirl 4. Ummmmm I have alot lol but BigBang, Block B, are my first two 5. WOW so hard to choose!! 6. Sober BG and We like to Party BG 7. OMO!!! So many lol but the one I am watching now is scholar who walk the night Thanks for tagging me!!! Nice to meet you and everyone else :D
1. summer-Marie I go by summer 2.Houston, texas 3.fan girl 4.VIP,jaywalkers,blackjack , and army 5.GD and Jay park 6.big bang zutter and Jay park my last 7.my lovely girl, city hunter, and angel eyes
@katierussell no problem
@summer0698 thank you for replying
omggggg we have really similar taste in dramas!
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