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I was tagged by @AimeeH
What is your name? I am Sir Lancelot of Camelot.
What is your quest? To seek the Holy Grail
What is your favorite color? Blue Sorry I just made my brother watch Holy Grail for the first time.. Let's get on to the questions!
What is your name? My name is Lilith but my friends call me Lili.
Where are you from? Ohio. (You don't say.)
Fangirl/Fanboy? Tyler Oakley
Fandom? Oh my goodness, oh my soul! There are so many! My main two are TripleS/Green Pea (SS501) and T-Maniac (Seo Taiji) (again, you don't say).
Bias? My ultimate biases are Heo Youngsaeng, Kim Junsu, and Kang Daesung.
Favorite song? Screw whoever made this! I hate choosing! I'd say it's probably Bermuda or Regret Of The Time/시대유감 by Seo Taiji
Favorite drama? You're Beautiful. I have so much merch from this drama!
Tag 20 people? No.
Hi Sir Lancelot of Camelot/ Tyler Oakley. Nice to meet you XD
@kpopandkimchi XD I am the same way! I must have been an old man in a past life.
@Taijiotter I have an old man sense of humor so of COURSE i'd find that funny hahahahahh
I pretty much spat tea all over my computer screen when I saw the Monty Python references hahahahahahahah
@poojas I don't know how to mix the two together to make it funny but nice to meet you too
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