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Not too long ago i decided i'd get a new phone! I was thinking i'd get the iphone 6 , since the phone i am currently using is just not doing the job anymore. I would like a phone that has a long battery life, does not easily get too much space taken up ( i tend to save a lot of kpop related pics, we all Kpop fans know we can't live without our music and pics, haha, also pretty good camera, not to delicate. Please help out, i have until Tuesday to decide so i do really need the help figuring this out. For the iphone 6 users, do you recommend the phone (: Or any new phone users do you suggest the phone you just purchased?(: (cr to pic owner)
I'm not a phone genius but in a samsung s5 I have hundreds of pictures, alot of apps and about 132 songs. And so far,it hasn't told me that I ran out of space.
My friend just got the Samsung Galaxy 6 and its super snazzy but I hear the iPhone is great too!
I find that all phones theses days take up alot of space unless you get a cloud. regardless of what phone you choose a cloud is a must. It is literally a lifesaver. All phones have good battery life when they are first bought ...they all eventually die out with prolonged use. No way around it honestly. 馃槕
the iPhone's only hold up to so much space and u cant add on space and you cant take out the battery. I have a samsung galaxy s3 not the newest but its a good type of phone I can put sd cards in and have allot of space. for the iPhone's if the battery goes bad u have to wipe ur phone completely of memory and and have it taken in to get a new battery and have to pay for all of that. the galaxy you can easily replace the battery. everyone but me in my family have an iphone and I love my phone allot more than when I had an iphone. my moms iphone doesn't stay charged more than an hour she needs the new battery. but she doesn't have time to go in and have them wipe the phone of memory and put new battery in I suggest a phone that doesn't have so many problems. sorry for long message
I went from HTC to iPhone 6 Plus in July and dood. DOOD. Nothing wrong with HTC phone's, they are great, but I love the iPhone 6 Plus like no other. If you like the bigger phones it's perfect in my opinion. Def try it out tho when you go to get yer new phone and see! :D <3