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So I saw this challenge floating around the vingle community, started by @kpopandkimchi, Saw my doll baby @Taijiotter card, so I decided to participate... Why not right?

Jandi is *DRUMROLL* me, because why not...

GaEul would bee Lee Chung Ah ~ She is one of my favorite actresses, and I think Gaeul would be played perfectly by her.

Yi Jung Would be Kim WooBin... I mean look at him, he's the perfect Casanova and Ladies Man!!! *SWOON*

Jihoo will be Kang HaNeul. Yes... You can't deny my choice, so your argument is invalid....

*SWOON* 💖.💖

WooBin is Jung Il-woo... Don't try to deny this one too!! He would be perfect as the tough guy... *Swoon*

Junpyo would be *DRUMROLL* XD Do I really need to explain this one... Now, you are probably thinking hmmm.. Wasn't he in the series to begin with? Well, yes, yes he was. BUT Since this is a recast Challenge, he would be MY leading role. #JOONEE *Hairflip* #Noshame #Noregrets... Gotta keep the SHIP alive yo yo yo.... *Let's move out* KIM JOON 💖.💖

Yep I am not sorry one bit!

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@fourstargeneral haha I'm glad I could help! 😂😂😁
2 years ago·Reply
If I was to recast Big Bang would Be the new actirs
2 years ago·Reply
@2neAlanna you can do a card and put them in there :) . That would be a great combination
2 years ago·Reply
you Go Girl Kim Joon as Junpyo I think he will do great as Junpyo ur list is cool
2 years ago·Reply
@sherrysahar thank you very much dear!! He's my most favorite person, so of course he'd have to be my lead! Thank you! ^~^
2 years ago·Reply