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As athleisure has permeated the fashion world, sneakers have become a stylish way to offset an otherwise prim and proper or slinky and sexy look unexpectedly. This fall, transition to colder weather and up your fashion game with your comfiest sneakers, with these awesome styles.
1. Punch up a seriously chic and masculine-inspired suit with casual sneaks.
A girl who can rock a well-tailored suite immediately exudes badass fashion vibes. If you want to add some sex appeal to this style, pull a Cara Delevingne and wear a top with a plunging neckline (or unbutton your button-up to show a peak of cleavage) under your suit jacket.
2. Tone down a black mini and sleek leather jacket with bright sneakers.
Let your sneakers add a hint of athleisure to an easy and sexy look. A simple black minidress and a leather jacket are the easiest things to rock together in the fall from day to night, but make the sex appeal a bit less obvious by adding a pop of color and flat sole with a brightly colored sneaker.
3. Mix up your luxe look by contrasting a ladylike skirt or dress with classic converse.
Classic chuck taylors or converse never really go out of style, but are best worn in unexpectedly sophisticated combos to add some fun to a designer-laden or ladylike look. From streamlined maxi-dresses to a-line skirt and sweater combos, swap out your ballet flats for converse to dress down an outfit in style.
4. Contrast the romance of a lace dress with chunky black sneakers.
Sneakers can be a great way to take the sweet girliness out of a frilly or lacy dress. Balance the proportions to keep the look from going frumpy with either a shorter skirt or a fitted silhouette through your torso, and keep the sneakers (somewhat) chic in classic black.
5. And finally, add a shock of white to an all-black ensemble with white tennis shoes.
This is such an easy way to add an unexpected touch to a monochrome look, and you can try it with any color outfit and white shoes, but black will have the most impact. From a slinky black skirt to a covered-up look like the gal sports above, white tennis shoes go with almost anything, simply because they wouldn't ordinarily be put together.
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