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So @B1A4BTS5ever tagged me. Thanks again 😊 So here's my answers:
What's your real name? real name is Caitlin :)
Where are you from? Well this is a difficult question for me because I'm a military child (if you guys are out there you understand). So I'll just say I was born in Brementon, Washington. Furthermore, I live in San Clemente, California right now.
Fangirl/Fanboy? Fangirl πŸ˜„ Gotta love Kpop, Kdrama, and the community.
What's you fandom? Like the majority of you guys, I love a lot of groups. So I'm a Army, VIP, iGot7, Melody, Starlight, SHINee World, Pink Panda, Ember, ect. However, lastly I adore Seventeen (I don't know the fan club name).
Who's your bias? BTS, Jackson, Mark, G-Dragon, Woozi, Sungjae, Lee Minhyuk, and Donghae. I know I have people from the same groups, but I just can't decide πŸ˜„
What's your favorite song? Currently in really into BTOB's "It's Okay". Probably because I've been feeling down a lot lately. However regarding BTS, and Big Bang. All there songs make me happy 😊
What's your favorite KDrama? Hmm, this is so hard 😁 So many! However, right now I'm really into "The Scholar Who Walks The Night". However the Kdrama that really got me into Kdrama's was "Boys Over Flowers".
Thank you everyone who read my card πŸ˜„ Now to end my card by tagging @B2utyrisa @yehet27 @katiems @warjeensuleiman. Hope you guys also enjoy this 😊
YAAAAAS my fellow Seventeen fangirl minion :D
Lol, your 100% right @kpopandkimchi XD