My sister and I were hanging out, watching some weird movie but mainly talking about idols, when we had a brainwave. A lightbulb moment if you will. Who is the most cheek pinching, cutie pie, aegyo king of cuteness in all of K-Pop!? And you, my Vingle community friends and kpoppers are the most perfect people to ask that question to. So the prep started. We brainstormed and brainstormed cute idols using many different factors in picking ones that we thought were fit to be on this list. (I'm very sorry if you opinion differs from mine and your cutest pick isn't on here but we tried our darnedest) So! Once we had our list of 48(!!!) (also it's a weird number for the bracket system but I'll explain that later) we wrote down all the names, put them in a hat, and sis and I picked one each and that is how we randomized who is going up against who. Then we numbered the pairings, threw those numbers in a hat, and that is how we picked the order and what side each pair would go on. Some of the coincidences that happened are hilarious (DO and PO being paired or Mark and Yugyeom for Got7, or the maknae of the list against the oldest) Here is some pics of our experience lol.
RULES AND INSTRUCTIONS!!!!! 1. This week, I will ask you to go down the numbered list (1-24, and I'll have them written down below since the picture of the bracket is weird and my handwriting is a mess) and pick out of each pair who is the cutiest cutie pie. *****I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IF YOU DONT KNOW THE IDOL, GOOGLE BECAUSE THATS THE MOST FAIR**** 2. I will give us 5 DAYS to vote. So next Friday will be the new card. 3. During part 2, you will vote on the new pairs, and this will keep going on until we have 3 idols on each side. 4. Then for that week, the idol on the left side will battle the idol on the right side, ending in three idols standing. 5. The final week, we will vote on the three finalist and have our KING OF CUTENESS.
SO!!!! For those that can't read my bracket, here are the pairings! 1. Hyuk (VIXX) VS Onew (SHINee) 2. P.O (Block B) VS D.O (EXO) 3. Rap Monster (BTS) VS Kyung (Block B) 4. Minhyuk (CNBlue) VS Yoseob (Beast) 5. Joshua (Seventeen) VS Ilhoon (BtoB) 6. Sandeul (B1A4) VS Sungyeol (Infinite) 7. Baekhyun (EXO) VS BamBam (Got7) 8. Ken (VIXX) VS Seungri (BIGBANG) 9. Suga (BTS) VS Jinwoo (Winner) 10. Leo (VIXX) VS Ricky (Teen Top) 11. Niel (Teen Top) VS Minhyuk (BtoB) 12. Junior (Got7) VS Henry (Super Junior-M) 13. Sungjong (Infinite) VS Woozi (Seventeen) 14. Sungjae (BtoB) VS L (Infinite) 15. KiKwang (Beast) VS Jin (BTS) 16. Junho (2PM) VS Jongmin (Boyfriend) 17. Zelo (BAP) VS J-Hope (BTS) 18. Mark (Got7) VS Yugyeom (Got7) 19. Dino (Seventeen) VS Sungmin (Super Junior) 20. Kevin (U-Kiss) VS Jimin (BTS) 21. Xiumin (EXO) VS Daesung (BIGBANG) 22. Youngjae (BAP) VS G-Dragon (BIGBANG) 23. Jungkook (BTS) VS Minwoo (Boyfriend) 24. V (BTS) VS Wooyoung (2PM)
There we have it! Please comment your answers 1-24 and I will tally in 5 days and post part 2. If it is a tie, I have already picked who I pick, so I will be the tie breaker. Thank you for participating and this card is hella long but I hope ya'll enjoy!!!!
@baileykayleen I feel a little like I've betrayed some of my favourite groups during the voting XD
1. Hyuk (VIXX) 2. D.O (EXO) 3. Rap Monster (BTS) 4. Yoseob (Beast) 5. Ilhoon (BtoB) 6. Sandeul (B1A4) HOW COULD YOU DO THAT THIS WAS SO HARD 7. Baekhyun (EXO) 8. Ken (VIXX) 9. Suga (BTS) 10. Leo (VIXX) 11. Minhyuk (BtoB) 12. Henry (Super Junior-M) 13. Woozi (Seventeen) 14. L (Infinite) 15. Jin (BTS) 16. Junho (2PM) 17. J-Hope (BTS) 18. Mark (Got7) 19. Sungmin (Super Junior) 20. Jimin (BTS) 21. Xiumin (EXO) 22. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) 23. Jungkook (BTS) 24. V (BTS) What was really hard omg
1. Hyuk (VIXX) 2. P.O (Block B) 3. Rap Monster (BTS) 4. Yoseob (Beast) 5. Ilhoon (BTOB) 6. Sungyeol (Infinite) 7. Bam Bam (Got7) 8. Seungri (Bigbang) 9. Suga (BTS) 10. Leo (VIXX) 11. Minhyuk (BTOB) 12. Henry (Super Junior-M) 13. Sungjong (Infinite) 14. L (Infinite) 15. Jin (BTS) 16. Junho (2PM) 17. Zelo (B.A.P) 18. Mark (Got7) 19. Dino (Seventeen) 20. Kevin (U-Kiss...this one was possibly the hardest) 21. Daesung (Bigbang) 22. Youngjae (B.A.P) 23. Jungkook (BTS...okay this one was actually the hardest) 24. V (BTS) Not sure that I'm actually qualified to judge this being a guy myself but oh well :)
1. Hyuk 2. D.O 3. Rap Monster 4. Minhyuk 5.Ilhoon 6. Sandeul 7. BamBam 8. Ken 9. Suga 10. Leo 11. Minhyuk 12. Junior 13. Sungjong 14. Sungjae 16. Jongmin 17. Zelo 18. Mark 19. Dino 20. Jimin 21. Xiumin 22. Youngjae 23. Minwoo 24. V OMGSFVBLEHD. THIS WAS THE HARDEST THING I'VE EVER DONE. I went though the whole list the first time and I couldn't pick a single person. Even though I picked one person over the other, I love EVERYONE. They are all too PERFECT to be choosen over another. D:
Voting has officially ended! I am tallying and doing my bracket as we speak and I'll have the new card out later today. Thanks for participating! I'll tag all of you in the next one!
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