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The language your hairdresser use can be confusing sometimes, so if you're getting haircut it would be helpful to familiar yourself with these terms:
Layering: This technique removes weight by cutting shorting pieces that falls above your desire length. So, instead of having a haircut that is one length (or blunt cut), it is layered.
The layers can be manipulated to frame the face, add texture, curves and flow.
Movement: Do your hair feel bulky and heavy? Then your hairdresser will use several cutting techniques to create space and freedom in your haircut so it will have lots of movement.
One-Length Cut: This means all the hair will reach the same length. Edgy and strong geometric shape styles usually require this type of cut. The purpose is to provide a solid structure and a bold dramatic line.
Thinning out: Also known as taking weight out is a cutting technique that focus the interior. So, cutting hair from the inside to remove bulk and density.
Under-cutting: This is mostly used for men cuts. Think of the half-shaved style.
@Animaniafreak Anytime! I just want to inform people about haircuts terms to avoid confusion. I know a lot of people don't really care what a hairdresser do as long as they make your hair look awesome. But some people insists to get a haircut they see on a magazine and most of the time it doesn't turn out the way they like it.
My only terminology used with my hairdresser: "I want this!", "I like it!" and the long and silent "oh....." (when we both know he screwed it up). Thank you for broadening my haircut vocabulary ;)