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At first sight you might feel that this is a complicated hairstyle. The truth if you got down the basic braiding technique all you need to do is make one twist to create this loop style. Take a look at the video above or follow the instructions below to recreate this look! It's super cute for school or outdoor events (e.g picnic).
1. Part your hair into two sections.
2. Then divide the left part into three equal sections.
3. You will be doing a simple 3-strand braid.
4. This is the tricky part, as you are braiding leave one small strand out then incorporated it back in after the next plait.
5. Continue repeating this to the left and right outer part and finish with an elastic.
NOTE: you have to scroll or click the right to see video.
You can even create one big cascading braid like this one.
Here is another variation of the feather loop braid style. So, instead of leaving a small section out, after braiding, gently pull the outer plait.
@Nikki1579 definitely. If you curled the hair before braiding for the second hairstyle it can pass as a bridal hair. My mom did this several times for bridal hair sessions.
the second is a great style I will have to agree on the way it is styled that chabges the entire look compared to the 1st and 3rd pictures.
@Nikki1579 It can come off kiddy but it depends on how you style it.
kinda silly maybe ok for a 4 year old
Do you have any pix of whatnyour mother did I would love to see!