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You know how there is always a "mom" figure or a "dad" figure in a Kpop group? Well, I decided to make my own and I want to see what yours would be too~

Create your own Kpop Family!

You can have as many or as few siblings as you want^^

Here's mine~

Mama Hakyeon

Taking care of everyone and giving the family its sass.

Papa Suho

The laid back dad that provides a never ending stream of dad jokes.

Cute Little Brother Ricky

The angel of the family who everyone loves the most :3

Annoying Little Sister Yeri

She looks totally adorable but she lives to play pranks and make messes.

Annoying Little Brother Baekhyun

HE HAS TOO MUCH ENERGY. He is Yeri's right hand man when it comes to pranking the family.

Older Sister Hyeri

Goddess Hyeri is the ultimate protective sister that ties everyone together. Without her everyone would go insane.


Mostly just sleeps but wakes up long enough to get cranky cause he's hungry.

The Nosey Neighbor That Is Always Coming Over with Fresh Cookies, Jin.

@ParkMeiFan YES PLEASE DO!!!
@KpopGaby haha I will
I could see this family hapoening. The descriptions were just perfect!! (>∀<) Actually, maybe a little TOO PERFECT. (⊙_⊙)
@ParkMeiFan Go and do it! XD Tag me so I can see your family ^_^
@ParkMeiFan YOU CAN DO ITTTTT!!!!!!
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