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I told myself that I was gonna be faithful to my bias in SHINee because all my biases in other Kpop groups keep changing but now I have a problem. My bias in SHINee is Jonghyun (below) but someone keep catching my eye and he's tryna ruin my bias list!
But now this kiddo below caught my eye!!!! Help!!! It's freaken chicken lover leader Onew!!! He's so handsome and kind and cool and idk! Seriously tho, ugh...
Now I can't choose! What do I do!? I wanna be like this to Onew! But I wanna be faithful to Jonghyun lol
Someone help?
Girl, I basically cheated on Minho with Jonghyun, so I feel ya...
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Minho should be an option XD but no bias them all!
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I understand it took me a long time to find a bias in shinee. They are all too good!!! It keep changing but i am sticking to onew.
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