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1. Merry 2. Small town Oklahoma 3. Fan girl 4. I don't belong to a specific fandom because I like so many artists, but my favs. Are SJ and Shinee 5. Same as 4, but from my favorite groups it's Eunhyuk from SJ and Key from Shinee 6. I have too many favorite songs, but right I'm listening to Shinee's Married to the Music and I love it 7. My Love From Another Star, is one and Modern Farmer I love Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hongki
If you like Hongki you should really watch You're Beautiful!!!
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Oh I have that was my first K drama with him and I fell in love with him!!! I love his band too
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small town in Oklahoma not Altus right lol
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@DetkaN nope closer to Tulsa
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