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I don't usually follow much news but I think this is pretty exciting: Mt. McKinley in Alaska will be renamed Mt. Denali soon! This might not matter to a lot of people, but Denali is the name that native Alaskans used for the mountain until the late 19th century when a gold prospector decided to "rename" it after McKinley (because he supported the gold standard).
Still, since that time, people have been trying to get it renamed Denali. Even the park around the mountain has been named Denali, but because the Board on Geographic Names has been not taking any action since the 1970s, the Obama administration has decided to move forward with the renaming.
AND people from Ohio have been fighting the change because they want McKinley (he was from Ohio) to get to keep his mountain. Which is not cool considering the mountain was important to people long before it was named McKinley.

The mountain will have its original name again as of Monday!

I have always talked about that area of the world as Denali since that park is full of hundreds of great hiking paths, but it's great that the mountain itself will have the name it should after all these years.
SO.....this is a perfect time to plan a trip to Denali!! It's a really pretty place; maybe I'll make another card or two about places to check out there in honor of this name change.
This is super neat! Changes like this might seem unimportant to some, but they actually mean a lot. Definitely glad to hear about this :)
I saw this in the news! How exciting! I think returning things to the original name is awesome. Props to the Obama administration for doing this!