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I saw this and thought why not. It would be fun for all of us to do this and get to know each other. Hopefully this helps you guys learn more about me.
1. What's your real name? Well my real name is actually Climmiesha but I would prefer if you guys called me Climmy. Because I actually don't really like my name.
2. Where are you from? COMPTON! Muahaha. I really am from Compton though.
3. Fangirl / Fanboy Fangirl? A lot of my biases are guys so I assume that makes me a Fangirl.
4. what's your fandom? I'm a blackjack of course. 2NE1 is my number one bias group if you haven't noticed yet. I actually really can't wait until the day I can see them live.
5. Whos your bias? My number one bias in all of the world is Bi Rain. Hes just so so so perfect and amazing. Right after him is actually TOP.
6. Whats your favorite song? Clap Your Hands is my number one song of all time. I can just listen to this song is everyday all day.
7. Whats your favorite kdrama? The only drama I've ever watched is The Prime Minister & I. K dramas really aren't my thing to be honest.
Haaaay so hopefully you learned something about me. Im gonna tag @kpopandkimchi to do this next.
@amobigbang I loved the very first inuyasha ending. It was my favorite
Yep @daznothephop....but before kpop I was into jpop due to anime. I loved the song come my way from Inuyasha. I was looking for the song online and came across rain. Then the jpop station I watched at the time played his music video. I was hooked!
@amobigbang really? I got into kpop because of the wonder girls
Rain is what got me into kpop!
@daznothephop I loved all the songs really. but that one and the one for sesshomaru ending I liked
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