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About Me Challenge🌹
Thanks @b2utyrisa for tagging me ^^
Hello my real name is Alice🎀 and when I introduce myself half the time I would get "oh like Alice from wonderland?!" Except one time I got "Alice from Dallas" which is fine too😂
I am from a small city in Texas called Midland. So I rarely get a chance to go to Kpop concerts. I cry😭
I am a proud fangirl! (Btw this is me getting Jungkook's photo card and wanted to take a picture of the moment because I was so HAPPY I GOT MY BIAS)😭❤️
I am an Army and a B2uty. I also stan Do Kyungsoo like hardcore.
MY ULTIMATE BIAS IS JEON JUNGKOOK I absolutely fell in love with him and it's a problem.
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
I love this song Jungkook covered called sofa. And I don't only like it because he sang it but just the way he sang it made me put this song on repeat all day long. It's filled with emotions and he puts every detail to his singing. Like every breath and every word comes out with care. IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN IT I JUST REALLY LIKE THIS SONG😓
My favorite Kdrama would be Playful Kiss. It's the first one I watched too! It's adorable and I wish I could find someone that hot like Ohani did.
So this is everything. Hehe I hope you guys enjoyed it. All the people I wanna tag have already done this challenge! So whoever hasn't done it I tag YOU.😊
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HAHA YES I AM APART OF THE SATANSOO CLUB I love his covers I really hope he makes more because they give me THE FEELS@kpopandkimchi