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Whether or not you watch HBO's hit series, "Girls," you could learn a thing or two from Shoshanna Shapiro, the youngest of the bunch, a gal with sass, optimism, and constant energy. She gets attention for her sartorial choices, which range from cute to sophisticated but are always carefully coordinated and communicate a kind of confidence.
Here are lessons in dressing I've gathered from some of Shoshanna's better fashion choices.
When wearing statement accessories, keep your clothes simple.
Shoshanna seems to have a hair accessory for any and every occasion. She smartly pairs statement accessories like her netted cap above with simpler garments like a solid and classic baby blue dress.
Play with cheeky prints.
Shoshanna's style is always youthfully exhuberant, but she never looks downright babyish. Loud and cheeky prints can be utilized to take a simple or classic style like a crew-neck sweater to a more eye-catching level. From cartoon graphics to a classic print blown-up in scale, a fun print can really elevate your look.
Amp up delicate garments with angular and edgy jewelry.
Shoshanna's ensembles always look so carefully coordinated, and that's because she thinks through how each and every piece look together. While her style is pretty sweet and feminine, she uses her angular earrings to transform the effect of her cute and classically-cut dress into something modern and cool.
Don't be afraid to match your pieces.
Shoshanna's style is so notable because it's coordinated to a T. Every element from her hair to her pedicured toes seem thought-out, and even her loungewear (above) is is matching. While matchy-matchy style often carries negative associations these days, sometimes it pulls a look together to wear similar colors together.
But don't be afraid to clash, either.
This girl knows how to power clash. Not only does she know the power of a great print, but she uses two animal prints together in this look without going totally overboard. This works because the top tucked into the skirt makes the outfit almost look like a dress that came in multiple prints. The washed-out snakeskin print is delicate enough to look more like a texture than a loud print next to the spots of cheetah.
Finally, top off every outfit with a killer hairstyle and a fierce personality.
Shoshanna always looks like she spent a solid fifteen minutes styling her hair. As she matures, she cuts her locks into a sophisticated bob, but it is always styled meticulously nonetheless. To really get the Shoshanna Shapiro vibe, complement your look with a lovably nutty Type-A personality and an intense determination to succeed, "I am woman, hear me roar" style.
Gotta love Shosh!
I’m such a big fan of this character! She’s so weird and interesting. I feel like her cheeky personality matches her cheeky style! I aim to be more like her :)