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Cross Gene Dating Game Part 3 (RESULTS)

We have reached the end my friends😢😢😢

*wipes away tears* I'm glad that you all have taken on this game. I know my timing for each card has SUCKED, but I'm happy you all stuck around xD. So without further or do, let's see what was behind each gem! Shall we? Oh and if you would like to start from the beginning here is *PART 1*

Stone 1=Amethyst Hair Clip

He places his hand on your cheek. He brushes the strand of hair away from your face. You start to notice how close you too are, and how loud your heartbeat is. He pushes some of your hair to the side, holds it there, and grabs something from his pocket. ITS A HAIR CLIP. A gem encrusted hair clip. You didn't know what to say, but you didn't have to. As he places the hair clip into your hair he says ".......your hair is always in your face, you're too beautiful for that" you snicker at his sudden cheesy-ness. He laughs too and suddenly pulls you in for a hug. "I wanted to tell you......I'm going overseas for a while." You break the hug and look at him with sadness in your eyes. He grabs your hands and holds them close. "I want you to come with me." You smile wide and grab him in a tight embrace. He smiles too, knowing that probably a yes. You both enjoy the rest of your date, with the occasional look from bystanders since he IS famous. He paid them no mind though, he was only focused on you, nothing else. After your date is over he takes you back home. Your so excited about traveling with him you only start to focus on what to pack and who to tell. Suddenly, while your deep in thought he spins you around and kisses you. He pulls away and you both smile at eachother. He walks you to your door and asks "See you tomorrow?" "See you tomorrow" you respond.

Stone 2=Sapphire bracelet

It's completely quiet. The silence is starting to put you on edge "WHAT ON EARTH DID HE WANT TO TELL ME" you thought. He faces you and tells you to point at your favorite person in the room. You start to blush at his sudden request and you slowly raise your arm and point at him. He grabs your wrist, which makes you look at him in suprise. He pulls something out of his pocket. ITS A BRACELET. He places it on your wrist and hooks the chain. He pulls you into a hug and says "I was hoping you would say that". You smile at him and at the beautiful gift he has given you. He pulls away and faces you. He stares into your eyes and smirks. "I hope you know that this bracelet means that your mine forever and always." You smirk as well and give him a peck on the lips. You respond "Ofcourse, I wouldn't have it any other way" You both enjoy the rest of your date, holding hands the entire time, expressing how much you like eachother with the simple gesture.

Stone 3= Opal ring

He grabs your hand, and stares into your eyes. Your heart is beating so fast it feels like it's going to explode out of your chest. He notices your anticipation and smiles at you, then he slowly gets down on one knee. You start to panic "This isn't what I think it is is it?" He looks up to you and says "We have been together for so long. Since the day we met I knew my life had been changed forever. Every moment we are together, I feel as though my heart could could fly out of chest. When were not, nothing else occupies my thoughts but you. I want to stay with you forever I want to feel like this for the rest of my life. I love you so...." He pulls out a beautiful ring from his pocket. "Will you marry me?" Your eyes start to water, but you kneel down to face him and you embrace him tightly. "Ofcourse" you reply. You both stand up, and he starts to put the ring on your finger. Once it's on he flashes the ring on his finger and says "Well, now it's official." You share a kiss and go off to enjoy the rest of your date.

Stone 4= Pink Tourmaline earrings

He made you close your eyes and hold out your hands. You hear him rustle in his pocket, whatever he was reaching for he got it out and placed it in your hand. He tells you to open your eyes, and when you do you see a black box in your hand. You look up at him and he smiles. You smile back and slowly open the box. Inside you see a pair of gorgeous pink earrings. You run to hug him for the beautiful present. He looks you in your eyes and says "I know that I am always busy with my schedule and such, but I don't want that to ruin what we have.......I...I love you." You smile uncontrollably and hug him again. He slightly pecks you on the cheek and you say "I love you too." You both go off to continue your date, with your new earrings on ofcourse.

Stone 5=Emerald necklace

He stares at you intently. You can't handle the intensity anymore so you say "I can't take it anymore what is it". He smirks at you slyly, which makes you blush. He takes something out of his pocket, but you can't see what it is. He puts both of his hands behind his back switches the item around from hand to hand and tells you to pick a hand. You smile at his cuteness and pick his right hand. He laughs a little and shows that that hand is empty. He playfully plucks your forehead and you yell ouch and rub your head. You glare at him and choose the left hand. He looks at you seriously and lifts his fist, and dangles a stunning emerald locket. You stand there in shock as he comes up behind you to put the necklace on. Once it's on he gives you a back hug that makes your heart beat like crazy. He tells you to open the locket, which you do. Inside you see the first picture you two together when you started dating. You start to tear up at the sight of it but what really hits you is the engraved message on the side. It says "At this moment we were at our happiest, I want that to grow and continue for the rest of our lives". You close the locket and stare at him with a smile on your face. He pecks your lips and says "I love you". You kiss him back and say "I love you too". You both go off and enjoy the rest of your date.

Stone 6=Rainbow Quartz

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a square black box. You stare at him confused, but then suddenly he pulls you into a hug. He pulls away and slowly opens the box. Inside is a multicolored heart gem. It's absolutely beautiful, so beautiful that you've lost the words to express how beautiful it is. He places the box in your hand and says "Look I know it's not a ring, or a piece of jewelry to wear, but I didnt want to give you anything like that. I searched 4 different jewelry stores for something that could express how I felt about you but nothing seemed to fit. At the 5th store I went to I almost wanted to give up, but then I saw this discarded jewel in a container off to the side. They weren't going to use it since it didn't suit their taste in jewelry, but it completely described you and how I feel about you". You smile and you start to tear up at his story. He goes on to say " I know it's corny but you are my rainbow, when you are here I feel nothing but happiness and warmth. When you aren't there I am sad, but just thinking of you brings back the happiness and warmth until you are with me again". You start to laugh at his cheesy line, but you can't help but cry either. He slowly gets down on one knee and asks "Will you marry me"? You smile and shake your head yes. He stands up, wipes the tears from your eyes, and shares a kiss with you. You both go off to enjoy the rest of your date, refusing to let go of the others hand the entire time.


This was really fun to do and I just want to thank all of you for sticking with me through all of this. I really hope you enjoyed playing this game everybody so bringing this game to an end THE MEMBERS OF CROSS GENE!


*I do not won these beautiful pics and gifs*
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Thank you I enjoyed making it. What were all your choices
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I had Sangmin, the beach, and the sapphire bracelet! And I'm listening to my music on shuffle right now, and how ironic is it that it landed on a CrossGene song as I'm replying? xD
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2 years ago·Reply
My Love Song! :D
2 years ago·Reply
Awwwww that's song is so cool xD
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