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After getting our degrees in journalism my best friend Alycia and I decided to leave snowy Michigan and head to the state of drama....California. We were sad to leave our families, but we knew it was the best. In California our careers would blow up and our social life would blossom. Besides, we love culture and diversity! We knew we would fit in. On a summer weekend during August we pack up and head out to California.
FAN FICTION MAYBE PG13#$@♡☆ After moving in we both get paid internships at a new magazine. This magazine is called Golden Kpop. A local fan named Tiffany decided to create an American magazine for kpop fans in the USA. She has connections overseas too and knew this would be a hit. Alycia and I haven't heard from the other magazine companies that we applied to so we just decided to try Golden Kpop. We would be able to gain experience and be as creative as we want.
New Assignment....SURPRISE Alycia and I were working from home creating the company's website while Tiffany was in Korea making new connections so we had a Skype meeting. In front of Alycia and I was an envelope that said don't open until I tell you to during our meeting. The meeting was brief. Tiffany was keeping us in the loop about her bussiness trip. "Oh yeah by the way open up that envelope ladies." Tiffany says while trying not to crack a smile. I quickly open up the pink envelope. It felt like Christmas. Alycia was busy sipping on her green tea, but anxiously watching me. Suddenly, my eyes open so wide and I began screaming. Tiffany laughed while Alycia looked confused. "Jessamine what on earth has gotten into you?" Alycia says with a stern look. "G-Dragon I hope!" I scream with a devilish look on my face. "Tiffany I love you so much!" Alycia looked in my hands to see two VIP back stage tickets to Big Bang's concert. She begins screaming and hugging me super tight! "Well the concert is soon. I figured a story on the concert first hand would be a great cover story to place us on the map. You two will have to go without me while I'm here. So behave and make me proud. Don't bring no babies home." Tiffany winks and logs off.
BB Concert Day The arena was super packed with VIP chanting. Everyone was super turnt up! Alycia pulled my hand as we were placed in the special VIP section. I was excited I thought I was going to pee. "I'm so excited Jasie! I get to see BB with my bestie, we got VIP, and I can't wait to see my babies Desung and Seungri!" Alycia yells. I can barely hear her over the crowd. I nodded and hugged her. I too was excited for this moment. I would close to the BB crew. I loved TOP and Taeyang, but GD was my Papi for sure. Ah I wonder what he smells like.....
Boom Bam....fireworks and fire as Big Bang ascended from the bottom of the stage to high above the stage. Their intro song is Bang Bang Bang one of my favorites. The crowd scream and yell. Sadly, a few pass out due to the intensity, but my bestie and I keep our cool. The concert was a great one and a great workout! VIPS were dancing non stop. I hold up by B VIP light stick grooving to their closing song let's not fall in love. Suddenly, Taeyang and GD does this odd hand gesture toward me and Alycia. I ignore it...maybe it's me. Alycia looks at me. "Did you see that Jasie?"


"I told you to not try to pull your skirt up Jessamine. They seen you try to be naughty now they are kicking us out." She hissed in my ear. "Don't blame my free spirit chica. Besides you stopped me before I could perform the act so chill....but have your pepper spray on deck just in case." I whisper back as we approach a stage black door with a sign that says Do not enter...... My heart races☆☆☆☆☆
Part 2 will be here soon amigos! I've been brainstorming and I hope I come up with some good material. I've been busy all week. I had a date with a I start my 1st day at my internship on Wednesday...wish me luck! Click here for part 2
This was awesome!! I'm anxious to see what's gonna happen in part 2! :D
Why doesnt MY boss give me free Big Bang TIX!?!??! But also ahhh waiting for your next installment!!
and now I wait
Yes for part 2!
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