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You know the drill:

Wait 5 episodes to see them hold hands, another 3 for them to even hug...KISS SCENES ARE A BIG DEAL.
They can make or break a drama so I rounded up a list of the top three dramas that absolutely slayed me with their kiss scenes.

Make a list of your own either in the comments or in your own card.

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1. Reply 1997

Every stupid kiss scene in this drama KILLED me.
Especially the Stairwell Kiss: Starts at 2:40 (she hands him her cold medicine afterwards since she probably gave him a ton of germs)
The Kitchen Kiss: Starts at 4:26 (he says he'll leave if she gives him a kiss)

2. My Love From Another Star

Yep, killed by every kiss in this drama too...
The Snow Kiss: Starts at 2:05...he tells her he hates her and then freezes time to kiss her.

3. Mary Stayed Out All Night

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Secret Garden kiss scenes were 😍😍😍
@AsianInvasion97 yes i hate that too!! I seriously think everytime about poking them in the eyes! i mean even my first kiss i didnt keep my eyes open! shocker or not close your eyes people
witch's romance is good with real kisses not just a peck
omg yes!!! secret garden is the best
So Ji Sub's kiss in Oh My Venus was amazing. Even though Chief Min interrupted him, he kept going for it. Also Park Seo Joon's kiss in She Was Pretty was amazing too. It was so natural and romantic. 10/10 would recommend and watch again.