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#OOTD, or Outfit Of The Day, is a fashionista's favorite way to show off a great daily look.

1. Watch out for Walls.

A great background can make or break the quality of your final #OOTD shot. A standout mural, colorful wallpaper, or even just ultra-modern architecture will pop against your look. Better yet, find a background that specifically goes with what you're wearing. Black and white tiles will have a mezmerizing effect behind a black and white graphic print, or a tile print in another color. Watch out for your surroundings before choosing the setting for your snap.

2. Avoid a typical face.

An ear-to-ear grin isn't so favored by fashion, so don't just say cheese and hope for the best. From a quirky expression to a straight on mean mug, change up your face for a better OOTD. If you feel weird about your facial expressions, why have the face at all? Block your face with your phone if you're taking a mirror pic, or cut it off in a cool way to change up the typical formula. Taking a carefully balanced #OOTD yourself pointing the camera down at your outfit can be just as cool (especially if you find a patterned floor!) as a full body shot.

3. Play with props.

Who says a great OOTD has to be only about the outfit? Grab a prop or two that coordinates well (or stands out against) your outfit, like balloons, a bouquet of flowers, or food (a perfectly swirled ice cream cone has been known to make a great #OOTD). If you're shooting a lap shot looking down at your outfit, place a book, sunglasses, or any brightly colored accessory in your lap to offset the garments.

4. Try a different angle.

While head-on is a classic, an #OOTD that doesn't look just like the milions of other photos floating around Insta is a sure bet for success. Shooting from down below or way up high will make your final shot extra special. Another easy trick, which also takes your face out of the equation à la tip #2, is the lap shot; take your picture looking downward at your top, lap, and shoes. This is a great way to highlight your accessories and draw attention to patterned pieces.

5. Experiment with reflections.

A mirror is the #OOTD snap's best friend. I'm not talking standard cell phone visible mirror pic either. Whether you're standing in front of a mirror or making your own mirror effect once the photo's been taken, mirroring your outfit changes up the typical OOTD format. Better yet, have an unconventional mirror like a pool, fountain, or mirrored table to change up your outfit photo and reflect yourself in an interesting way.
Very helpful! 😄
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great tips @Gavriella
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thanks, @marshalledgar! I think we all aspire to killer ootd's
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