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I have felt somewhat sick all weekend so I told my mom today after my friend dropped me off at my house (I stayed the night at her house). I feel this gross and stuffy from LACK OF SLEEP and ALLERGIES according to her. I'M SO TIIIIIIRRRRREEEED!!! Damn kpop, kdramas, school, and social life for not leaving me alone.
Don't ask me to explain, I've gone crazy. I DON'T MEAN WHAT I SAID BEFORE I LOVE KPOP AND ALL THE FANDOMS
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As we say in my family. You suffer. or take a quote from harry potter. Your going to suffer but your going to be happy about it. I've been near tears recently as well but not so much from lack of sleep but school and work.
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@kpopandkimchi Thank you! @Princess2328 Aw hope you feel better too
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feel better soon.
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