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Meanwhile At The Hair Whip Olympics...
There are no words. Only because the dizzying whiplash I'm experiencing just by watching this is making me too dangerously nauseous to speak.
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No, @TerrecaRiley, it would only be one part of a routine. It's only one move, but they are doing it over and over and over and over and omg stop. I sure as heck can't do it that long and wouldn't Let any of my dancers do it that long. It's a great way to hurt yourself: whiplash, pull a muscle, strain, etc. Smh. Ridiculous. I wonder what this is for?!
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cray cray...
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They are actually aliens wearing human suits right?
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@danidee is there a video for this? I wanna see...
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@Animaniafreak That would make the most sense..
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