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BOF Challenge: The Model F4
It's finally here. My very own F4. Thanks to @kpopandkimchi for coming up with this awesome Boys Over Flowers Challenge and for tagging me. These people would make my perfect BOF cast. ^_^

Geum Jan-Di: The main girl

I wouldn't trust anyone other than Kim Seul Gi to play me in a K-drama. She is funny, sassy, and adorable! (Check her out in Flower Boy Next Door and Oh My Ghost!)

Ga-eul: Jan-di's BFF

The person I see most getting along with Kim Seul Gi in a F4 situation is Hyeri. She is equally adorable and funny and they would be perfect besties.

Yi-Jung: The playboy of the group

Okay, the moment I saw the word playboy, all I could think of was Lee Soo Hyuk, lol. So he would fit this role perfectly.

Woo-bin: The protector of the group

Hong Jonghyun is the perfect person for this role. I can totally seem as a protector but also could totally be part of a gang character.

Ji-Hoo: The sweetest, kindest supporting lead

Yes, I just made Lee Jong Suk the second lead. Don't ask me why, lol. He is the sweetest and kindest though! (Aegyo included)

Jun-Pyo: The lead

Did I just put Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk as first and second male leads? Hahahaha, yes. This might never happen in a drama but it will definitely happen in my F4. XD

Hope you enjoyed reading about this F4. ^_^

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