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did any of you guys watch the vmas! ! im finally watching and I fangirled to the max when I saw CL and it was funny because I was literally just talking about her and then they showed her
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watched it and enjoyed every minute of it
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oh gosh me too. I was talking about her to my sister when I saw Jeremy Scott and bam, they show her pic with him. They also show her a few times during the show. I was so happy
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I fangirled when I saw her I'm like OHMYFRKNGOD it's CL!! then I died Lol Cx
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@solodaywithB1A4 me too lol the both times they showed her and my sister looked at me like I was mental haha
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lol yeah I'm like im not mental it's a fangirl life mom @Marilovexoxo lol
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