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Create your own Kpop family!! here's mine
Mama Heechul I'm never late to dinner.
Papa Leeteukie
Little brother Seungri!
Little brother Mir!
little brother Gongchan!
Big brother T.O.P.
Big brother GD.
Older sister yeeun.
my Twin Ravi.
My neighbor Lay, who helps me cook.
My other neighbor Leo.
:)That's my kpop family. This is only family one. cause I can't choose. what's your kpop family?
omg i want to be in your family!!! Heechul would be a hilarious mom and I really really want Gongchan as a younger brother :3
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I love this trust me my Kpop family would be huge hahaha I would include everybody and I mean everybody
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@YessicaCardenas Same, mainly cause I suck at deciding/choosing, but also cause I love them all.
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Yes I kw right it would be so hard to decide lol our families will sure have a lot of handsome and beautiful ppl in them I feel so lucky already haha @kdramaKPop1015
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