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Happy Birthday to my dad Rocky "Soulman" Johnson aka the original Rock! The man who broke color barriers for blacks in the world of Pro Wrestling in the 60's, 70's and early 80's - back in the day when wrestling was not the global commercialized business it is today, but rather an extremely hardcore cut throat business where he and other wrestlers would be paid in cash nightly and carry guns on them just case "things got a little out of hand" in these small towns all across the U.S. He started kickin' my ass on the wrestling mats and in the gym when I was around 10yrs old and would always say, "If you throw up go outside and if you want sympathy go home to your mother.. but either way you're gonna work your ass off to earn your respect." The more experienced I become, the more grateful I am for my pops and all the defining DNA tools he's given me.
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WOW! I wonder if father and son have the same "Steroid Connection"? ..hmmmmm. I wonder if Duane can also grow a "Porn Stache"? LMAO