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Hello everyone! I'm going to try to be more active in this community so here is my first card for this community. So first off the adorable baby pictured above is my daughter, Alita. She is a year and a couple months right now. She is also my first so any tips from other moms, aunts, grandmother's are appreciated.
She is a busy body and into everything. I am also currently trying to potty train her. Any tips? Anywho that's all for now. Thanks!
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@loftonc16 my parents used to read to me right before bed so I'd be falling asleep while I listened. To this day whenever I read in bed I feel both comforted and sleepy ^_^
Going on that first picture, you have a right poser on your hands!
@jonniiwhe Yeah just have to catch her. She doesn't usually stay still for pic.
My little girl is exactly the same! Camera comes out and she hides away!
@jonniiwhe Exactly! Or she stops what she was doing. It's only my phone camera though. My uncle used one of those nice digital cameras and she just looked at it strange. XD