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People keep telling me I look intimidating or serious when im out in public... It's just my mug, People. I'm not so bad ..ctfu!! I'm open minded aF and will speak to anyone so stop judging books by their cover. #MeanMugginandHuggin<3
Haha two of my best friends look kind of grumpy when they're out and about too XD it's just how us tough ladies have to take on the world! Don't wanna get walked all over
people tell me this all the time haha and i am like the winniest person ever hahaha i wonder what i actually look like when im pissed off
This happens to me a lot too. I have resting :||| face.
@jcl4rks0n riiiight?! And sometimes it still doesn't work. A wonder if it comes across as, "hey, that one looks like a challenge... challenge accepted." *Eye Roll*
Glad im not the only one with this prob....aand we have to look mean or we are always getting hit on lmao
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