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Here we are again. I hope you're all doing well. We've made it through another week, so it's time for some sexy slow jams right? Weeeeellllllll .....I changed it up this Sunday. Still slow jams just 86ed the sexy for the week. I wanted to do a playlist about loss. Since we've all lost someone close to us. It guaranteed common ground as sad as the fact is. August 30th three years ago at 2:30 am I lost my brother. Since I've been thinking about him and missing him, I figured I'd put my thoughts and feelings to use and incorporate them into a playlist. DISCLAIMER.... CONTAINS SOME COURSE LANGUAGE. Y'all know I can't stay away from k-hiphop (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)
SEO IN GUK__CALLING YOU I won't cry although I'm sad, I won't send you off with tears, I just continue to call your name Until that name becomes a song, So I can hold onto you
KIM SUNG KYU__KONTROL Your spot will always stay the same So if you miss it Don’t worry about it and come back to me
M.I.B__THE FALLING FLOWER This was a song composed after a fire broke out in their dorm. Three staff lost their lives. The lyrics are raw and personal. You can feel the emotion....the inner turmoil and frustration.... the sadness. Real and relatable.
NELL__STANDING IN THE RAIN Let’s scribe onto the hearts only those memories that we wish to hold onto What else can we do Let’s let go and only suffer to what we can withstand There’s nothing we can do It won’t be easy, when the tears that the leaving heart had to shed and the ones shed by the heart staying behind were so uneven. Nothing’s gonna be alright, but There were the moments; where every minute and second was precious, where I missed even when I was there with you. Only remember those.
SENTIMENTAL SCENERY FT LUCIA__HERE NOW, IN THIS PLACE You just gotta feel this one....a translation would only muddy it up. Its about not being able to forget or let go of someone you loved....holding onto all the memories but not being able to hold them. Honestly this is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Period. And the MV is a bunch of clips from the British movie, Testament of Youth.....which I'm seriously considering checking out just because of this song lol. Prepare to shed tears. If you don't feel something watching this, you have no soul.
REX D__THE BAD The emotions he put into this song are powerful. I teared up the first time I watched this. Rex D is currently battling leukemia and this song basically catalogs his struggle and frustration not his disease. Which i think is admirable and makes the song relatable. Bad things happen in life....and it sucks. Emotions take hold and you're frustrated and angry but you gotta push thru it. Don't let the bad consume you. Don't BECOME the struggle. OVERCOME it.
THE COHORT (REEDY, KID ASH AKA KEITH APE, OKASIAN)__TIME I fail and I lose something too I try to believe in everything I pray for The roads we have to walk aren't always there on this map Its only a matter of time I'll be fine I'll be doin' alright Time heals, children. Things won't ever be the same but those wounds on your heart will heal. They'll become scars....and they'll always ache. When they do, be reminded of how hard you loved the one you lost not how you lost them. You'll never be the same but you'll be okay. Trust.
BERNARD PARK__HOME (cover) I dunno how y'all believe....but I believe that when you're called Home....it's just you're time to go. Its just how it's supposed to happen. We don't understand it....it almost never makes sense. But I believe when it's my time I'll get the answers to all my questions in life. Again this is just what I believe.
GEEKS__OFFICIALLY MISSING YOU Its okay to miss someone youve lost. I've realized that you lose pieces of yourself when you lose a loved one. They take part of you with them and you're never the same. So I think it's only natural to miss the way things used to be. Just try not to dwell. Of course I had to end it with Geeks....my Lil Boi obsession you know.
So I hope you enjoyed. I put a lot of thought into this one. Next week we'll be back to our regularly scheduled smexxy playlist so until then keep the thirst alive, children.
This was a really beautiful playlist, and I'm sorry for your loss but I'm glad you're always thinking about him!
I was all like o(〃^▽^〃)o slow jams.......then I was like (╥﹏╥) "the bad".....more like sad song Sunday lol jks I loved it. (ノ^o^)ノ
@FrankilliMambo sowwy lol. just took a break from the sexy for some substance (´ヮ`) @kpopandkimchi spank youuu @MattK95 I'm glad you enjoyed it! I figured it was go big or go home situation....if I was gonna go sad I was gonna go tear your heart out type sad.Did the Sentimental Scenery and Lucia duet complete your life??? @ButterflyBlu I think I'll have to check that movie out now for sure lol. I like a good sob fest.
The tears were flowing, these are all wonderful songs, and every single one of them hit me in the emotions. Thoughts and prayers with you, love and hugs for you \(^-^)/
@Ambie Thank you so much! (‘∀’●)♡
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