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VMA just ended a couple hours ago and I'm still trying to digest everything as I write. First of all, there were a lot of drama going on. Even before the VMA official show, a feud was speculated between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj through Twitter.

Surprise #1: The duo ended the bad blood rumors with an opening performance for the show. They slayed in their flaming flapper-inspired attire.

My thoughts: The twitter posts were probably a public stunt for their VMA.
Nicki Minaj got on stage again to receive the Best Hip-Hop Video award for "Anaconda" and after her speech...
She gave Miley a little shout-out.
Or should I say...

Surprise #2: Calling Miley out for talking sh** about her in an interview.

Fierce Nicki. I almost thought she was gonna jump Miley. On a side note, look at the lady behind Nicki and how her expression changed.

Surprise #3: Justin Bieber WEEPS after the emotional performance for "Where R U now?" & "What Do You Mean?"

My thought: Poor boy, he's all grown up and he really does want to change his life.

Surprise #4: Kanye West declared he is planning to run for president in 2020.

Say what?
My Reaction: I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
Trump MOST DEFINITELY wouldn't approve of this.
And the thought of Kim K as First Lady?
I actually don't know whats going on between Miley and Nicki but daaaaaamn did Nicki sounds awesome on the stage hahaha I would have been so scared to be Miley.
@KryssaSivori777 absolutely! The media has already twisted it making it seem like Nicki was coming out of nowhere and attacking a fellow artist when that's not really what happened at all. She was speaking up about something important and instead of listening she was being told to quiet down and wait her turn. I really hope people see this for what it really is and don't disregard what she had to say
@shannonl5 that makes more sense. And seriously!? That sounds like Miley is tone policing to me, which is extremely annoying. Nicki has every right to express herself! Especially with the subject of racism because it's still going on today. Go Nicki!! Thank you for me letting me know what has truly been going on. ^_^
@KryssaSivori777 it sort of ties back to what happened on Twitter between Nicki and Taylor. Nicki was pointing out that the industry largely ignores the contributions of women of color. Obviously she and Taylor talked it out and it seems like they understood one another. It wasn't a personal attack from Nicki, and once Taylor realized she had taken it the wrong way she stepped back and made sure Nicki's message wasn't overshadowed. An interviewer asked Miley about it this week and she criticized Nicki for not being polite about it (like she's somehow obligated to be polite about racism!) and didn't acknowledge the fact that she (Miley) uses black culture in her music and benefits from it, while people of color in the same industry are ignored or punished for doing the same thing
@shannonl5 haha I saw it on Facebook and what reasons? All I know that Miley was acting racist toward Nicki because Nicki was pointing out racism in the music industry. This is what I gathered so feel free to correct me because I would like to understand more of the situation.
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