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It's time for Day 1 of the VIXX September Challenge!

Find out more about it here:

Q: How Did You Find VIXX?

I've been into kpop for quite some time, but I mostly followed Big Bang and then whatever dances I like. I was going to be going to Korea for study abroad in the fall of 2012, so in the spring/summer I was working ALL THE TIME to make enough $$$ to be able to go.
SO I had heard VIXX's song Superhero, but I hadn't really gotten fully into them yet? I thought it was a good song but I didn't even have time to kpop that summer, lol!
Then, I found out they were going to Otakon in Baltimore. I already go to Otakon (and a bunch of other anime conventions) yearly, so I was super excited. I ordered their album/watched Mydol/did everything I could to learn about them!
I was lucky enough to get to see perform them at Otakon--I also got to go to their Q/A panel AND get an autograph from Hongbin (who was my bias at that time, so I was stoked)!! The picture above was taken by my friend Veronica (I didn't take anything, I don't even think it was allowed lol) but it's a really nice way to remember the day!!!
This was the Q/A question at the Otakon event too. It was honestly a mess but still really fun! You can see one of my friends dancing along in the video, too. It was really great!! Shortly after that, I went to Korea and just tumbled down the VIXX-rabbit-hole that I now reside in forever and ever and ever. And ever.

Gigantic. Sigh.

Best thing that ever happened to me? Maybe XD
Oh and I also started working on the VIXX tumblr blog I help with around then, so my love for these six wonderful guys was solidified during all these events :)

So, how did you all find VIXX??

Tag me in your cards or comment here :)
You saw them live soooo early hahaha I bet they were still just as dorky though
I'm gonna make my card soon!! :D
@kpopandkimchi They were hahaha but to be honest the translator there was really bad and my korean was really bad so I could only understand their goofiness sort of. looking back on it now its so much more obvious hahaha XD
@StephanieDuong Yay! :D I'll check for it!!