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Elton John's career has spanned over half a century. In his time, he has won an Academy Award, five Grammys, and a Tony Award. He was even knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. However, all achievements pale in comparison to his very latest.
Yes, Elton John has just become the namesake of a newly discovered shrimp. Ladies and gentlemen, meet 'L. eltoni', a crustacean found off the coast of Indonesia, in the coral reefs of Raja Ampat.
Researcher James Thomas of the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography would listen to Elton John in his laboratory quite often in his career, leading to the inspiration.

"When this unusual crustacean with a greatly enlarged appendage appeared under my microscope after a day of collection, an image of the shoes Elton John wore as the 'Pinball Wizard' came to mind."

Okay, so maybe the shrimp isn't nearly as snazzy as the crazy platform moonboots that inspired its name, but hey, you've got to give it to James Thomas for having a pretty awesome imagination.
As for Elton? No official response from Camp Rocket Man currently, but you know his boots have given it their own 'stomp' of approval.
@buddyesd @virginvingler @ButterflyBlu Lol this conversation. I WOULD LOVE TO BE A PART OF THE WOLFPACK BTW.
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