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My Jrock family (challenge)

create your own jrock family. I got the idea from the kpop family challenge. here my Jrock family
Mama kai (Gazette)
Papa Kaoru (Dir En Grey)
my oldest brother tora (Alice nine)
second older brother Reita (Gazette)
third brother saga (Alice nine)
fourth brother Nii (Girugamesh)
last brother Shuu (Girugamesh)
my husband Yuu (matenrou opera)
My first best friend Shinya (Dir En Grey)
My other best shou (Alice nine)
My third best friend Ruki (Gazette)
Friend one Aki (Sid)
Friend two Mao (Sid)
Creepy but lovable neighbor one Kyo (Dir En Grey)
Creepy but lovable neighbor Two Hitsugi (Nightmare) He's my teddy bear.
Creepy but lovable neighbor three Yomi (Nightmare)
That's my jrock family. This is only family one. cause I can't choose. what's your jrock family?
Yessss💙💙 I love how they used HAYATO in the comparison picture xD
they are so cute >.< I have a soft spot not only for kpop but also jrock/visual kei
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