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My niece and I the really close since I'm lucky enough to live near my brother and his family! She's a junior in high school, and she's going on her first official date (dinner and the mall!) this weekend, so she asked me for tips on how to do her hair and what to wear.
I told her not to worry too much about, but I thought it'd be fun to make something for her to follow while she gets ready. Hopefully I'm not embarrassing her too much by doing this lol!

Good luck on your date, Tori!!! You'll look awesome :)

The Hair

I always go for something simple that isn't going to A) risk falling out and B) take more than 20 minutes to do! It's really, really not worth it. Your hair will look beautiful no matter how you do it! But, I totally get wanting to do something fun!

Here's three different videos with some fun suggestions:

1) I really love the first idea she suggests--the simple hair knot!
2) OK I'm of the opinion these a bit too fancy, but I know you really love trying new hair styles so I'll share these anyways :)
3) Braids! Braids are great for dates so try these, too.

The Outfit

Okay,I found two different looks I think suit your style :)
1) In the first video, the second look around 1:20! You love floral dresses, but adding a layer to it will keep you from getting cold in the AC and add some fun to it :)
2) Outfit 3 in the second video (skip to 1:25!) I think you love your cardigans and this will be perfect for your date!

The Makeup

Just wear what you normally wear!!! Adding a bunch of makeup will just be too much, especially since your date is so casual. It'll be fine! If you really want to watch a video for inspiration, check the makeup in this one since it's a really natural look.
And the most important piece of advice....


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I agree @ChristinaBryce, overall the most important thing is to be yourself, have a good time, and get to know the person you're spending the evening with!! The butterflies are what make first dates so exciting :D even if it only ends up being one date or a shorter relationship, dates are just for you to have a good time! So have a blast Tori :D and let us know how it goes!!