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Yesterday, at the MTV Music Awards, Kanye West caused a stir (as he does) after making a highly controversial speech (yet again, as he does), finishing it off by announcing that he would run for presidency in 2020.

That's right, America. This could be our future:

So what would the United States look like with a Yeezy-led government? I've got a few ideas.

He'd replace Let's Move! with Kanye's Workout Plan.

Michelle Obama has spent a good majority of her husband's terms promoting wellness and exercise with her Let's Move! campaign. In 2020, we'll have a whole new workout plan.

He'd put his face on every piece of US currency available.

See you later, Founding Fathers! Once Kanye gets into office, he's going to put his face on any and all US currency printed from 2020 on.

And forget about our national monuments!

Whether it's the Statue of Liberty in New York or the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC - you can forget about seeing either of those after 2020. Even Mt. Rushmore's about to rush on out of here!

Vice President Taylor Swift?

Kanye and Taylor have really put their notorious beef behind them - so much so that they will eventually team up as running mates. Peace in the Middle East will be instantly achieved once VP Swift gives everyone in the region a kitten. Go figure.

The State Of The Union will be freestyled.

Do you want to know what's better than the regular State of the Union? A State of the Union comprised of a 3-hour freestyle and a beat produced by French electro DJs, Daft Punk. "We're up all night for good fun, we're up all night to fix healthcare."

Kim will turn the White House gift shop into a Dash boutique.

Kanye's wife (and future First Lady) Kim Kardashian and her sisters have a number of fashion boutiques in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Now that her husband's officially president, why not open one up in the White House too?

The Air Force One will be renamed The Yeezy Boost.

Back in the day, Kanye had a partnership with Nike that went extremely sour. Flying in a private plane with a name reminiscent of their signature sneakers isn't going to sit with POTUS kindly. How about naming it after the Adidas Yeezy Boost instead?

So, that's life in a Yeezy-run nation. How's it feeling, everybody?

I'm hoping it was a joke. Because there's no way I'd vote for him. I'd vote for Waka Flaka before I vote for Kanye
Oh and I do not approve of this message
if this happens I'm renouncing my American citizenship and moving to London. Pip pip cheerio Big Ben and all that. I'll mail back some tea for everyone to sip but that's none of my business though.
Nooooo, never, smh
my brother was like "what the hell was he trying to say? Get to the point"...Was Kanye practicing doing a speach so he can be prepared when he do run? That speach was an epic fail for saying "bro" a lot just as most people say "like" a lot every time they speak... Also i don't think Amerca wants a drunk or high president (he mentioned he was on something when heading to the MTV Music Awards)
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