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No, I'm not a fan of B.I.G Why not? You may ask. I have no idea but I'm not planning to do so at the time. Not in a perfect position to be fangirling over other groups at the moment, but after watching Benji in ASC.... I FELL IN LOVE!!!
This video in specific made me value this guy so much!! (sorry Donghae ㅠㅠ) When he mentioned "quesadillas" I totes fangirled. Like "MARRY ME AND I'LL MAKE ALL THE QUESADILLAS YOU WANT BABY!!!" I want to keep him like forever. My birthday is in like 4 months, can someone give him to me for my birthday? And make sure he comes with a marriage certificate and ring XD

It's 2:24 AM, excuse my craziness!

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he's so adorable I love a giant teddy bear you want to carry around with you.. I hate that he's not as recognized as he should be..
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@PrettieeEmm I noticed that! It's shameful but hey! He has our love ^.^
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I have never heard of B.I.G., but I'll definitely look into their music. And yes, Benji is really cute. And the fact that Tyler knows him on a personal level is really cool. Personally I think it makes her more mature because she knows that stars in general are JUST NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS!
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@KDramaKPop1015 So true, and I nearly cried when she said "I'm so proud of you, you finally got what you wanted." ㅠㅠ his pouty face
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@KDramaKPop1015 True friend right there
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