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empty already? aight, who drank all my coffee?? @katieloidlei , @neaa , @YinofYang , @nylamrehs , you ladies owe me a cup of starbucks coffee and TBH, i like vanilla latte, caramal macchiato, and mocha frappe to name a few...(*_*)
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hmm.....idk...i swore the last time i saw my cup, you were sitting next to it?!?! noooo?!?! lolz
ψ(*`ー´)ψ Um, me? I wasn't sitting there...I mean I was, but I wasn't. Like, you know? Hahaha!
hmm......you must've drank your cup and then finished off mines didnt you.....b/c.... you aint making sense, hahahahha!!!!
Oki ....i will give it to u _ one macchiato for Callie bartender ...quickly ...u have it sis ^_~