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K-quote of the day - Angry Mom (K-drama) (Episode 16). U・x・U
(⌒▽⌒) "If there is spring there will be winter. They say, in every spring, there is winter. That must mean that in every winter, there is a spring. If the rooting is strong, no matter how harsh the winter, spring flowers will bloom." - Angry Mom (Episode 16) I hope you liked it!! Has anyone seen this drama??? Is it good??? All credit to the owners of this quote and photo! (I do not own the quote or photo!) Chu~
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the drama story line was great~ the cast is just a bundle of great actors and actresses❤ 모두들 짱👍
@jiggzy19 the story line is a major twist from the usual drama's! Loved the cast and their acting skills are so amazing!
I love this drama, i wished I watched it at the time it actually came out tbh... although i need a Bok dong in my life after watching that drama >_< kiahahahahaha