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Do you consider yourself to be a passionate reader? You’ll respect yourself much more when you learn enough about the Nobel Prize in Literature – the most important recognition in this niche. Although this annual prize has been subjected to criticism and controversies, it’s undoubtedly an honor that every serious author would like to receive.
Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov, and Henrik Ibsen never won the Prize. Alfred Nobel’s will stated that the recognition was to be given for the “most outstanding work in an ideal direction,” but the committee interpreted that term as idealism. That’s why some of the greatest authors in history were ignored. That’s not fair, but does it mean that the actual winners have been unworthy of the Prize? That’s far from the truth. If you want to read the most notable works in the field of literature, then you mustn’t bypass the Nobel Prize laureates.
George Bernard Shaw, Ernest Hemingway, Albert Camus and Gabriel Garcia Marquez – these names should be enough to spark your interest! Before you start exploring the best works from Nobel Prize winners, you should know some trivial facts and statistics about this honorable recognition. That’s what this infographic serves for!
You’ll find quick, but important information about the number of laureates from each literature genre. If you are a feminist, you won’t like the participation of women in the list of winners, but at least you’ll have a nice starting point on your reading journey. The infographic also informs you about the average age of the Nobel Prize winners. Finally, you’ll find some interesting facts that will trigger your curiosity to find out more.
Since book tastes are individual, it’s impossible to love all authors who won the Prize. However, there is one certain fact: you’ll always read high-quality literature worthy of discussion. The infographic was designed by TopAussieWriters essay help team.
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very interesting. I can't wait to do some research on this topic.