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Obviously we're all here because we like Korean dramas, but what started us off? What was the first drama that sent us down this crazy rabbit hole that we can't get out of?

What started the addiction?

I started off studying Japanese in high school, so naturally I watched more Japanese dramas to begin with like Hana Kimi :3

My first real Korean drama, though, was...

Boys Over Flowers!

and if you haven't seen it yet...


It's sort of tacky, and unbelievably overdramatic, but it's a really important part of Korean drama history! Please PLEAAAASE watch this drama!
So it's all thanks to this stupid show that I'm the wreck I am now.

Which was your first?

Leave your drama in the comments!

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playful kiss
My first kdrama was Boys Over Flowers and after it was over I was so afraid that nothing would ever compare to it. Then I watched Playful Kiss which I really liked and I'm currently watching Heirs which I love! Addicted to kdramas!
Full House with Rain
My first drama was You Are Beautiful, then after that I watched Kpop Survival
Then after that I watched EXO Next Door, then after that I watched To the Beautiful You, then after that I watched Sassy Go Go, then after that I watched Pretty Boy, then after that....... ummm, trying to find a new series to watch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚