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Well I got tagged by no one... (awkward silence LOL) but I read many and thought this was a good idea to make a card about these questions so we can get to know each other since we all do have a big interest which is Kpop or Korean Culture. So First Question!! :)

1. Real Name

My name is Annahi, nice to meet you pretty ladies and handsome guys. My name is pronounced Anna-E but a lot of people pronounce it different. You can also call me Anna-Hi or I also go with Annie for short. Doesn't really matter to be honest. I am (Latina) Mexican-American so that explains where my name comes from. (:

2. Where I'm From

I am from California. Born & Raised! ♡ Where are all my California people at?!

3. Fangirl/ Fanboy?

I am a Fangirl just in case you couldn't tell haha

4. My Fandom

I have multiple :) • Shinee (Shawol) • Big Bang (VIP) • EXO (EXO-L) • Monsta X • 2NE1 (Blackjack) • Ailee • Amber (Not a big fan of fx as a whole) • Tablo (I do listen 2 Epik High, but his singles are dope.) • Mad Clown • #GUN (from No Mercy Starship)

5. My Bias

Well, here are my biases! ♡ ♡ Big Bang - Came to a conclusion that it's T.O.P & G-Dragon. ♡ EXO - Chanyeol & Xiumin (Tao too but not in exo anymore) ♡ Monsta X - Shownu, Hyungwon, & I.M ( even though he's way younger then I am :( )

6. My Favorite Song:

My Most Recent Favorite Song is "Fear" by Mino feat. Taeyang from SMTM4♢

7. Favorite K-Drama

I love kdramas so I couldn't just pick one favorite one but of the few that I've seen these were in my opinion my favorite. ▪ God's Gift - 14 days ▪ Birth of a Beauty ▪ The Time I've Loved You
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when I saw your pic the first thing I thought was holy crap your pretty lol I'm such a lady
2 years ago·Reply
I love tablo too! and look we have the same big bang bias and in exo for me its Chayeol my #1 and then baekhyun ,tao ,Chen and luhan and fear is probably the best song ever but love this card
2 years ago·Reply
awww you're so sweet lol Thank you gorgeous! @amandamuska Aaaah we have so much in common!! ^_^ yay!! You have good taste !! LOL @Marilovexoxo
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
Thank you, I try! lol Yaya!! ♡ Cali Livin' @kpopandkimchi
2 years ago·Reply