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One of the most frustrating things when I'm getting ready in the morning is sifting through my massive box of bracelets to find the one I want to wear that day. My bracelets are usually incredibly disorganized, and it's incredibly frustrating. Well, this DIY project can fix all of that! This cute, vintage project will organize all of your bracelets so that you can easily see which one you want to wear. This tutorial comes from the creative people at


For this project, you will need two empty glass bottles (the best sizes are empty glass beer or soda bottles), a wood crate (you can usually find these at craft stores, an antique store or online), a piece of rope and some wood glue (you can get this at a hardware or craft store).

Glue the bottles to the wood crate

Turn the wood crate so that it is vertical. On the bottom of one of the inside, shorter sides, dab some wood glue. Then place the bottles on top of the glue. Let the glue dry according to the glue instructions.

Attach the rope

String the rope through the slates on the wood crate and tie together so that you have a way to hang up your wood crate. You can also use brackets and attach them to the back of the wood crate to attach the wood crate to the wall. Another option is to drill holes into the wood and string the rope through the holes (as pictured).
If you aren't going for a vintage look, you can also just use the glass bottles by themselves to hold bracelets.

Now you have a super chic way to store your bracelets!