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Hello Everybody (to anyone who is taking time out of there day to read this thanks have an awesome day) This is Yvon Jerzak fellow Kpop Fangirl reporting. It has come to my attention that if your not in Korea finding Merch of your favorite Kpop groups is really hard. I mean there is the Internet that has everything virtually at our fingertips but even that can be expensive at times. Yet for girls who like 1D (which I am huge fan of but that's not the point) it's as easy as paying 5-6 dollars for a magazine at your local grocery store and then you have so many posters to put up for that valuable price but for us Kpop Fangirls not so much it's not like BTS or BigBang are sporting around in these magazines. Not to mention how there's instagram boutiques dedicated to 1D or other bands that are for merch but for kpop I have a hard time finding. Luckily I live in NYC and I have KTOWN and Flushing but Idk I guess this was a rant but seriously for those of you who live in the middle of America and love these things where do you find your merch. Comment Down Below and state your opinion cause it honestly bothers me that it's so hard to find these things and to not have them so accessible.
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Oh okayy, Thank you @daznothephop. & thank you @YvonJerzak for your card!
@YvonJerzak they are so amazing live.
I totally understand! There just isn't a lot of stuff available for us AND IT SUUUUCKS
@daznothephop omg I'm getting so amped about it now
@kpopandkimchi but we make the best of what we can