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I honestly don't understand why people can't grasp the concept that celebrities are people we are all the same we all have feelings so why can't we respect each other and stop spreading hate. You wouldn't want to be treated like this or criticised for everything so why do it to someone over little stuff.
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@Marilovexoxo He really is. I feel like he's the kind of friend that you could really just confide in and spend some time together with and it won't be awkward if things get quiet. I feel the same about what he went through but it's good that he's strong enough to own up to his own mistakes and to also forgive those that only looked on him negatively. If I could hug him, I'd probably just want to hold him forever and protect him from everything. Lol
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i know lol Tao has the weirdest affect on me , I love him and hes extremely good looking but like you said i would just love to have him and a close friend i could tell anything too and he makes me feel extremely protective of him i just want to hug him and keep my little panda safe from the world haha @ambieb
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@Marilovexoxo Yeah. If anything, he'd be the best friend that I end falling in love with because he's just so sweet and aidbrismspdnnslsn Lol The cool thing is that our birthdays are close. I bet it'd be fun to celebrate with him. It'd probably be something really chill like camping out somewhere and just watching the stars with little cupcakes and candles. x3
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@ambieb Yess! and you could enjoy his adorable laugh that just melts my heart
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@Marilovexoxo I need some Tao in my life. Lol
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