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this so cool i found a kpoper....now i just need to talk to her......ughhh hopefully i do
so i was in speech and i was presenting the things that repersent me i showed my drawing binder, my ipod, and my korean notes/bts merch
so when i mention kpop and bts the girl fangirled in her seat and everyone laughed cause she fangirled........i was really nervous till that happen after that i was just thinking on how to talk to her
i need a plan......what should it do.....i need a kpop friend ughh.....hahahah i sound so despret
but if we dont become friends its fine....its cool..
ill just keep working on my evil plan to convert the school into kpop fans shhhhhhh just dont say anything or they will find out hahaha
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OMG THATS SO EXCITING! That's great! you could always go up yo her and start talking about bts 😂
You're soooo lucky. I tried that in my speech class and all I got was blanc stares but I didn't regret it. I just hope to find one in my college soon. And before I forget congrats and you should totally listen to @ninachan. Say the code and she will totally come to you or say a sentence and add insfires.
go up to her say hi and ask what is her favorite BTS song then go from there.
just say hey, I saw you like kpop as much as me and it sucks how little we meet other kpop lovers in person, let's hang out sometime. or ask her what's her fav group or anything really. you got this. it's all about the music man.
@tayunnie yas! she will automatically start singing it without realization and they will be best friends forever ㅎㅎㅎ