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this so cool i found a kpoper....now i just need to talk to her......ughhh hopefully i do
so i was in speech and i was presenting the things that repersent me i showed my drawing binder, my ipod, and my korean notes/bts merch
so when i mention kpop and bts the girl fangirled in her seat and everyone laughed cause she fangirled........i was really nervous till that happen after that i was just thinking on how to talk to her
i need a plan......what should it do.....i need a kpop friend ughh.....hahahah i sound so despret
but if we dont become friends its fine....its cool..
ill just keep working on my evil plan to convert the school into kpop fans shhhhhhh just dont say anything or they will find out hahaha
awwe cute. seriously just walk up to her and ask her "so who's your fave in BTS? " and just start the conversation like that!!
Go up to her and just start singing AYO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN
or play it safer and sing a classic big bang song like fantastic baby
Awwwwww thus is so adorable! Since she loves Kpop if you guys have assigned seating than this may not work. but if you don't then you should totally sit next to her and talk about kpop. Maybe even send notes back & forth during class and talk about your bias!
Say "ay girl, I hear you like kpop."
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