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This is Yuki Cross or (Yuki Kuran) but I don't like to speak of that last name. I loved her character in the beginning of the show, and I read the manga too which changed my opinion of her. I slowly started to dislike her even though she's pretty but I hate the things she does and I'm mad she didn't end up with Zero because he is way better than Kaname any day that's all I got to say! I also really hate Kaname and if you read the manga too, you would know why. This is actually one of my favorite drawings that I have drawn. I recommend this anime if you like Vampires or if you like guys with gray hair like I do. Have any of you watched Vampire Knight, did you like it? Let me know! @AimeeH @chandnip804 @caitlind9898 @poojas @DanRodriguez @RosePark @BFP1916 @AkiraCondry @Kamiamon @sherrysahar @VinMcCarthy @NerukaWong @corinazurk
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woww this is a really cute drawing 馃槉
haha thanks @sherrysahar
@biancadanica98 awwww hahaha :)
this is really awesome! I've never seen Vampire Knight but I will definitely add it to the list! (which is ever expanding, it would seem lol)
Yay and thank you! I hope you enjoy with the rest of the anime son your list @VinMcCarthy