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If you've been following this three part interview series than you've had a chance to get inside the mind of the male. The past two interviews have helped us ladies understand how and why men think the way they do [see here and here]. As I wrap up this interview series based on David Foster Wallace's, Brief Interviews With Hideous Men -- it's nice to see how all three subjects differ based on their answers. To finish this off and hopefully leave you with a better insight and a yearning for more, I had the pleasure of interviewing who I would like to call Subject #69.
Subject #69 like the previous two subjects drew us in with his fancy diction and his long winded syntax. Explaining each question asked in detailed, it's no secret that this man knew exactly what he was talking about and was ever so confident in doing so. But without further ado -- allow me to present to you the last and finale interview with yet another everyday man.
Q: Are you single? If so, why? A: Yes, I am single. I am single because my career has taken precedent over relationship aspirations. Q: How long have you been single? A: I have been single for 4 years. Q: Has being single taught you any lessons that you wish you had known when you were in a relationship? A: Being single has taught me a fundamental lesson as it relates to being in a relationship. Not being obligatory towards a person for so long has taught me the value interdependence. This innate yearning for someone to need or have congruent obligation towards another human being; is what I believe the essence of a genuine relationship entails. Q: Do you enjoy the single life? Why or why not? A: The single life's pros and cons inhabit parallel boxes of thought processes as do those of the non single life in my mind. The pros of being single, while being the direct antithesis of the cons of being in a relationship, procure ideas of independence and solitude. However, while I enjoy these characteristics of being single, my natural inclination is always to seek out "the one". I am often perceived as enigmatic in my dealings with women because of this eternal consternation of natural instinct versus liberation of emotional responsibility. Therefore, I do enjoy the application of being single, but I struggle with its validity as a sustainable option.
Q: Do you feel like more of a man when you're in a relationship? A: Yes, I feel more of a man when I am in a relationship. I am very much cognizant and a believer in gender roles. I subscribe to the philosophical idea that I as a male I must assert a level of non-emotional ques in order to establish a psychological and mental relationship advantage over my partner. This in turn allows me to be absolved from frequent irrational outcries, micro-aggression, and subliminal overtures. Q: There probably isn't one correct answer and you might not even have an answer at all, but why do men cheat? A: I believe men cheat because they feel the need to either conquer, have a void, or are resenting of the choice of female they are with. Q: Have you ever cheated before? Been cheated on? What was the cause? A: I have personally cheated once. The cause was because I had the need to conquer females at the time. We as men have a mindset sometimes that we must sexually conquer the opposite sex, and if we fail we are emasculated mentally. Q: Do you think with cheating comes insecurity? A: Yes, take my cheating occurrence for example. I was insecure about my ability to either psychologically persuade a female or not. If I did not persuade her into sex than I must was not enough of a man.
Q: What do you believe is the main foundation besides trust that a relationship needs in order to survive and grow? A: I firmly believe that the foundations besides trust that a relationship needs in order to survive is chemistry and equitable understanding of each other. Q: How do you feel about online dating? Do you feel like today's society doesn't take dating as serious because of online dating? A: I am very cautious of online dating because of it's frequent abuses by users. Today's society perceives online dating as a quick way to interact and socialize. Socialization becomes in essence an instrument for virtual immaturity. Individuals do not know to what extent they want to deal with the other and vice versa. Q: Are all men a little shallow? A: Yes, of course are not we all? Q: Have you ever been in love before? A: No.
Q: How old were you when you first fell in love? A: I have never fell in love. Q: What is your definition of love? Do you feel like people use the word too loosely? A: Why definition of love is the eternal connection, loyalty, and uncoerced application of mutuality in all aspects of human interaction. Q: Do titles really mean anything at the end of the day? A: Like the Bible said "Faith with out works is dead." You can have the title of husband and wife but if you are dealing with each other like mistress and lover then titles are futile and irrelevant.
“the psychological need to believe that others take you as seriously as you take yourself. There is nothing particularly wrong with it, as psychological needs go, but yet of course we should always remember that a deep need for anything from other people makes us easy pickings.” ― David Foster Wallace, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

Based on each subject throughout the entire series, which one made your heart skip an extra beat? What are your thoughts?

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this guy said a lot and had a lot of interesting views. he also kind confused me a bit