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About Me/Questions Challenge!

Thank you @B2STANG88 for the tag :) So let's answer some questions eh?
1. What is your real name? My name is Bailey!
2. Where am I from? The 'great' state of Texas! Originally from the Dallas area, but now in middle of nowhere College Station.
3. Fangirl/fanboy? More of a fan person but I do fan girl so we will go with that one.
4. What's your fandom? I would consider myself a VIP, a B2TY, a Melody, an Army, and an IGot7. But I love soooo much more groups on a medium crazy level. Those are just my main super crazy level boos.
5. Who is your bias? Oh goodness, intense question. I have 7 intense babies: Yugyeom, Peniel, Daesung, Hyunseung, JinYoung, JungShin, and Dongwoo.
6. What's your fave song? Too hard of a question. So! My favorite song RIGHT NOW is Time and Fallen Leaves by AkMu.
7. What's your fave k-drama? Reply 1997 will forever be king. I don't know if anything will ever top it.
Woo all done. Thanks for tagging me! If you wanna do this challenge then I tag you :)
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Awesome!! And literally every AKMU song is amazing. Waiting for some new tracks. Lol
omg that picture of minhyuk made me squeal! i always forget how much I love BTOB
@B2STANG88 AkMu is like my most anticipation comeback at this point! There isn't a song that is even remotely bad, or even just okay. Chanhyuk is so talented, and Soohyun's voice is just angelic.
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